Bill Gates Props Up AI Against Metaverse and Web3 Tech

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has given his opinion about the relevance of Web3, metaverse, and AI (artificial intelligence), a set of technologies in development today. Gates stated that AI was “the big” revolutionary technology that is comparable to what the internet was in the year 2000.

Bill Gates Considers AI Tech ‘Revolutionary’

Bill Gates, one of the co-founders of software behemoth Microsoft, has issued his opinion when it comes to the state and relevance of several emergent technologies being developed today.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Gates showed a preference for AI (artificial intelligence) over other alternatives such as Web3 and the metaverse, when asked about the relevance of this set of technologies being developed, and the similarities these shared with the internet during its early years.

Gates stated:

AI is the big one. I don’t think Web3 was that big or that metaverse stuff alone was revolutionary but AI is quite revolutionary.

However, Gates stated that his occupations went in other directions, as he was more focused on innovations like helping pregnant women know if they need hospital assistance in advance using ultrasound tech, and treating conditions like malnutrition and anemia.

Microsoft and AI

Gates also gave his take directly on generative AI, a branch of intelligence that can create its own content, rather than deriving it from other available works. On this, Gates declared:

I am quite impressed with the rate of improvement in these AIs. I think they will have a huge impact.

The billionaire has had a negative vision of crypto, warning in February 2021 that users with less money than Elon Musk should be careful about putting their funds in cryptocurrency, and also explaining it was based on the “greater fool theory” back in June. He has been more positive about the development of the metaverse, predicting a digital meetings pivot from 2D images to 3D virtual spaces back in 2021.

While Gates is no longer connected to Microsoft, as he abandoned the company back in 2020, Satya Nadella, the current CEO of the company, seems to share his train of thought. Microsoft is reportedly eyeing an investment of $10 billion in Openai, the company behind the popular Chatgpt AI bot, that would value the company at $29 billion.

This move, which would allow Microsoft to have 49% of the shares of the company, is a signal of the significance that the organization assigns to the AI sector.

What do you think about Bill Gates’ opinion on AI, metaverse, and Web3? Tell us in the comments section below.

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